Production Cell

Description:Usage of multiway rendezvous in the setting of a production cell benchmark
Author(s):Hubert Garavel, Wendelin Serwe
Event(s): MARS'17
Paper(s): Formal The Unheralded Value of the Multiway Rendezvous: Illustration with the Production Cell Benchmark


The multiway rendezvous introduced in Theoretical CSP is a powerful paradigm to achieve synchronization and communication among a group of (possibly more than two) processes. We illustrate the advantages of this paradigm on the production cell benchmark, a model of a real metal processing plant, for which we propose a compositional software controller, which is written in LNT and LOTOS, and makes intensive use of the multiway rendezvous.


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    3. tool(s): LNT (CADP)
    1. Download Model
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    3. tool(s): LOTOS (CADP)
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